We've had a lot of interest in our HHO experiment.  Let me tell you where we are.  Initial testing of the HHO unit on my 1998 Lexus showed no improvement in gas mileage. However, the computer system on the Lexus is notorious for overriding the HHO unit thus blocking any improvement in gas mileage.  The HHO provider has informed me that they've updated the technology of their unit and, perhaps, it will allow the car to properly utilize the unit to increase the gas mileage.  We are currently in the process of refitting the car with the new unit and will begin the tests again.

It must be noted that others have reported significant gas mileage increases with this particular HHO unit and the performance of my car is not necessarily indicative of it's potential.  At any rate, we will complete the testing as soon as possible and post it here no matter the results.

-Phil Valentine





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