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I envision a time when most of power is derived from nuclear power plants.  Electric cars with a range of 400 to 500 miles slowly begin to overtake the gas-powered vehicles.  Gas stations slowly begin to retool to charging stations.  Energy is cheap, clean and plentiful. With gas prices going up and up the public's perception of nuclear energy is changing.

We have this image of nuclear waste as large barrels of green goo that sloshes around in the back of a truck as it's taken to a mountain somewhere to be poured in and sealed.  We fear radioactive waste seeping into our water and our air.  In reality, it's nothing like that.  A reactor rod about the length of your arm can power a large city for 6 months to a year.  These rods are returned to the mountains where they were mined and, in many cases, in a state that isn't any more radioactive than the ore from which they were made.

I always thought we were talking about nuclear waste the size of a small state but, in fact, all of the nuclear waste that's been produced by the entire world over the last 50 years can fit in a school gymnasium.  This is a startling revelation to most folks and as gas prices hit ridiculous levels the American people will become better informed about nuclear power.

The problem with most electric cars, heretofore, is they've been designed to look like something off The Jetsons. Build me an electric vehicle that looks like my favorite car and I'll buy it.  They're all a little pricey right now but that's just what these companies below have done.  Have a look and I believe you'll see the future.

-Phil Valentine


Electric car links:

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