the BioBenz

Bennie before the restoration

The Restoration

Bennie the BioBenz underwent a complete exterior restoration at Vogely & Todd in Nashville.  The idea was to strip the car down to the metal and build Bennie's paint back up to the original luster as he looked on the showroom floor in 1985. Vogely & Todd painstakingly went over every inch of the car, removing trim, headlamps, taillamps, bumpers, etc. to do the job right.  Below are pictures showing Bennie's progress.  There's a link at the bottom of this page where you can see the final product.



Rear view - The car is being sanded and prepared before the primer stage


The right front fender and the hood were damaged and had to be replaced
The new hood being prepared

This is a fender we bought from a wrecked Mercedes in Memphis.  It's in great shape.  The rest of that Memphis car?  Not so much.


New hood and front fender installed



Bennie in the midst of the primer stage



Bennie with a fresh paint job before the final buffing and reassembly




Click here to see before and after pictures







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